Royal Atlas & Spa

Discover Agadir’s soul, the Pearl of the South

There are certain words that when pronounced, have a magical enchanting connotation that instantly evoke the dream.

Agadir immediately suggests a voyage, through the sun, the change of scenery, the idleness, and the discovery of a country with multiple facets. Morocco, the country that doesn’t cease to enchant and seduce its hosts by giving them only one desire: to come back, but to come back very soon!

The retreat in the colors of the Atlantic

Agadir is Morocco’s most popular seaside resort,and it is no coincidence. It has two charming assets that are difficultto compete with: 300 days of sunshine a year and a sumptuous beach that extends on almost 10 km of golden sand.

Sun, sky blue sea, fine sand: what more for an idyllic holiday with mesmerizing shades and scents?