Atlas Essaouira & Spa

The most historic of cities

Essaouira is part of oldest trading posts linking Africa to the rest of the world, it is a prosperous city that preserves the remains of a glorious past.

Today, you will discover it through a voyage, through its lanes, its ramparts, its ancient medina…

A balcony on the Atlantic Ocean

Mogador,its former name as a Portuguese city, Essaouira is an archipel with a view on the Atlantic Ocean. A fortress that protects its inhabitants from the Atlantic powerful waves and strong winds.

Enjoying a microclimate with soft temperatures during the winter and fresh ones during the summer, Essaouira is the ideal holiday destination all year long.

Discover its endless beaches, its ramparts, medina, souks, sculpture artisans on the Thuya branches, its port, its artists….

With a beach that expands on almost 6 kilometres, the trade wind city attracts sliding sports amateurs from around the word that come to confront its waves.