Atlas Médina & Spa

Breathe the mysterious Marrakech atmosphere, live and enjoy a timeless break

It is called the red, the voluptuous, the South’s port… The ochre, the imperial, the legendary… It is Marrakech; the authentic, the unique, the unforgettable, its beauty and its history can be related for a thousand years, but if have never seen it or lived it before, you will never feel its sunlight warmth, the softness of its nights, you will not understand its language, and will not be seduced by its enchanting magic.

The magic of an oasis nested in the mountain’s arms

Part of the best international touristic destinations, Marrakech seduces its visitors by its thousand and one assets. Embraced by the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is an actual green oasis in the middle of the desert. It generously offers its wealth, its tangible and intangible heritage to whoever wants to grasp it. With its themed souks, one of the Kingdom’s biggest medinas which expanded on 600 ha, its mederasas, riads and palaces, gardens, palmeraie, and also its new city, built to embrace the modern world… Marrakech will certainly offer you a complete change of scenery. Its Berber name predestined it to an exceptional future that will reveal itself through your journey: God’s land.