Atlas Medina & Spa

Rich flavored culinary stop overs

Let’s open the doors of the Atlas Medina Restaurants and bars to discover a cocktail, a drink, a meal, a snack or a festive diner. Let’s discover the warmth, the conviviality and the taste of varied cuisine and the world’s specialties for the pleasure of the senses.

Le Jacaranda

A nation’s culinary cocktail

To savor international cuisine in the form of different buffet stations, le Jacaranda opens its doors to discover the thousand and one international flavors.

Le Tatawi, à la carte gastronomic cuisine.

For your lunches or diners, open the doors of the Tatawi for delicate meals à la carte. Refined and light cuisine in an enjoyable ambiance.

Le jnane, the pool, the greenery and the sun

Come enjoy by the swimming pool’s bar sandwiches, a drink in your hand, Marrakech’s heat in a farniente mood, for a fresh enjoyable getaway.

Le Brown Bar Douiria, let the music play

For the soft beginning of your evenings, the Atlas Medina piano bar offers a warm setting favorable to relaxation in a convivial and cozy ambiance.

Actor’s Lounge, relaxed atmosphere

In a minimalist ambiance with warm lights, come enjoy a drink by yourself or with friends, swing with the festive music airs, or follow the popular sports events or support your favorite teams.